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I am a Man without a Horse

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009
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So, I sold my blue 2007 Mustang to a relative.  Got a "sporty" little Volkswagen EOS with front wheel drive and a perky, yet German, attitude. Why?  Because Cleveland winters are a bitch.  I can't go through another winter driving the Mustang.  It's like a $30,000 ice skate.

So I opted for a nice semi-sensible (at least for me) front-wheel drive car for the first time in a long time.  I feel a little blue.  I'll miss the kick in your pants acceleration of the Mustang, but I won't miss the axle-hop that seemed to buck and kick over every minor bump.

I'll miss the cool retro styling and the spartan simplicity until I look at my EOS and run my hand over the incredible fit and finish that the Mustang could only dream of.

I also won't miss the car insurance premium.  Not as bad as my '90 Mustang GT when I was 20-something years old.  But still not awesome.

The New VW Eos
Image by ~Jetta Girl~ via Flickr

But I will be back.  I will own another Mustang someday.

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